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Our Mission

Action for God’s Love

To enhance the well-being of the needy by providing opportunities for education and self-development, as well as developing facilities for improving their physical and spiritual health. The focus is on giving hope to those who live in despair and hopelessness.

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Your compassion can significantly impact the lives of those who struggle daily just to survive. Through your donations or sponsorships, you can provide lifesaving support that brings hope and happiness to those who see no future.
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Sponsor A Child - $80/month

Sponsor a Child

Sponsor food, clothing, school fees, books & materials, toiletries and bedding for one child.

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School & Tuition - $35/month

Sponsor School & Tuition

Sponsorship covers the cost for attending school, tuition fees and books for one child.

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Food & Clothing - $30/month

Sponsor Food & Clothing

Sponsorship helps cover the cost of food, play clothes, school uniform & shoes for one child.

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girls at Our Lady of Grace Children's Home sitting on their bunk beds

Toiletries & Bedding - $15/month

Sponsor Toiletries & Bedding

This Sponsorship provides basic toiletries & a warm, comfortable bed for one child.

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