Drying Area

Completed by the Kenyan Tea Company

Project Goal

Taylors, the Yorkshire Tea Company, has a history of generously giving back to the communities that produce their teas. Several years ago, along with their partners from the Kenya Tea Development Agency, they teamed up to support the construction of a project for the collection and storage of rainwater that allows the girls to more easily clean their bedding, clothes and school uniforms. But while the collected rain greatly assisted in the laundering, it was only one part of the project. How do we dry laundry during the rainy seasons, when the rain, by Canadian standards, is torrential?

The Solution

Again, with thanks to Taylors and the KTDA, the effective solution is apparent by the photos following. The structure, open on all sides, allows for good airflow for drying clothes while protecting them from downpours that can happen with little warning. Recognizing that in the past, it was not uncommon for clothes or bedding to be hung on shrubs or laid out on the ground on a hopefully sunny day, the posts and clothesline below the roofing complete the much needed, appreciated and practical project.