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Completed Capital Project - Boys and Girls Washrooms

Completed Capital Project - Washroom Facility

Completed Project!

To upgrade existing pit toilets with an ablution block with a septic tank, urinals, toilets and sinks to help ease the congestion from the current pit latrines which are inadequate to meet the needs of the increasing number of new students.

Budget Costs: $1,503,100 KES/$20,000 CAD

Donations are needed for the following capital expenditures:

Complete toilet:    $11,500 KES/$153 CAD

10 complete toilets are needed for this project

Complete sink:    $4,000 KES/$53 CAD

8 sinks are needed for this project

2000 pieces of machine cut building stone: $120,000 KES/$1,600 CAD

1 Lorrie of sand: $18,000 KES/$240 CAD

7 lorries of sand is needed for this project

General Expenditures (such as lumber, hardware, cement, paint, and other building materials):

Budget: $1,030,000 KES/$14,000 CAD


Boys Pit Latrine

Boys Pit Latrine

Proposed Ablution Block

Proposed Ablution Block

Girls Pit Latrine

Girls Pit Latrine